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Why you should hire a SALESMAN to sell your house

Here’s a shocker — studies show that if you hire a salesman (or saleswoman, or salesperson) to sell your house, it will sell quicker and at a higher price!

What’s the alternative?  You thought all real estate agents are salesmen.  Or maybe you didn’t, and my sarcastic opening line is, in fact, a shocker to you.

Well, here’s what I mean.  There are some real estate agents who promote their marketing skills.  There are some who come into a listing meeting and say something like “I’m not a salesman… I’m just a nice guy who…”  There are some who have a hard enough time “selling you” on why you should have them represent you, that it’s debatable as to whether they have a sales bone in their body.

But the truth is, you need a true salesman (or saleswoman, or salesperson) sticking up for you, in order to get the best deal as quickly as possible.

What’s a “true salesman” (or saleswoman, or salesperson), you ask?  It comes down to one key factor – are they using an active sales technique, or passive sales technique?  Passive realtors will market your property the same way they market themselves — by posting information (on the MLS, craigslist, flyers, newspapers) and then waiting for a buyer to come to them.  These are the realtors who host open houses, and when you come in, they’re sitting in the kitchen, on their phone, and barely acknowledge you.  Sure, from time to time the right buyer comes along quickly and everyone’s happy, but usually, it will take longer to sell your home, and you’ll probably be willing to settle for a lower price.

A salesperson (there… I just said it) who engages in active marketing will take time everyday to reach out to clients and other agents, looking for leads to help sell your house quicker.  He (or she) will shake hands and speak with every person at an open house, asking whether the visitor is interested in this house, and if not, whether they know of anyone who might be.  You want a true SALESMAN – a “closer” – to sell your house – not a “marketing specialist” or any other name someone might use to describe themselves as anything other than a salesman.

I do my best everyday to practice active marketing in order to grow my contact list, which will help you sell your home faster (or help you find those hidden gems and unlisted properties, if you’re in the market to buy).  If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Van Nuys, or anywhere else in the San Fernando Valley, please call me today!

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