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A Visit to the Wonder Years House

The Wonder Years Home in all its glory... then

The Wonder Years Home in all its glory… then

It turns out my sister lives a few blocks from Kevin Arnold’s former residence.

It was Sunday afternoon.  We had run out of ways to occupy our 1- and 4-year old boys and had an hour before we were to visit my sister at her new place in Burbank.  What now?

The Mrs. and I decided to load up the troops and just start driving East.  We had faith that if we put the car in D, and drove slowly enough, a higher power would show us the way to kill a half hour.  Remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, when he steps into the abyss on blind faith, and it turns out that the bridge is painted to match the sides of the cliffs?  Well, it was kind of like that.

We worked past the urges to make a family pit stop at 7-eleven to “taste” all the flavors of Slurpy, and there’s no way to do Ikea in under 4 hours, so we kept brainstorming as we slowly made our way via surface streets from Sherman Oaks to the 5 freeway.

And Now

And Now

“We can park in the shade and sit in the car for 20 minutes,” my wife said.  “Or, we can park in the shade and sit in the car for 20 minutes IN FRONT OF THE WONDER YEARS HOUSE!” I replied.  We had just watched the Wonder Years pilot on Netflix, and knew that they filmed in Burbank, so a quick Google search later, we were on our way to a half-hour excursion past Ikea, to the 500 block of University Ave..

We spotted the home and stopped to take some pictures, a little bit giddy by our find.  The boys had absolutely no interested in getting out of the car. In protest of the entire situation, my 4-year old ripped the strap off his right Crock.  Now neither of his Crocks had straps.  He seemed rather satisfied by that.

Nevertheless, we were delighted to the see the Wonder Years house still intact, and looking as era-appropriate as ever. Unfortunately, we couldn’t say the same of the rest of the block.  It’s going to be tough for them to film the Wonder Years remake on the same street (or maybe some sort of 2nd generation Wonder Years Christmas episode, ala all those crazy Brady Bunch reunion shows), since several homes East of our beloved abode had been razed and rebuilt as McMansions.

If you’d like to buy a home in this area, as seen on The Wonder Years or not, expect to shell out more than $800k for a sub-2,000 sqft home.  Burbank ain’t cheap!

And if you want to eat at The Olive Garden in Burbank on a Sunday afternoon, even at 4:30, expect to wait more than an hour.

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