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Sell your home quicker by avoiding clutter traps

clutterThinking of selling your Encino home some time soon?  It’s time to start thinking “staging”, and one of the most important elements in staging your home is clearing out all the clutter! Read the original article here.

Take some time to clear out these three common clutter traps:


They’re a fantastic place to store all our extra stuff for day-to-day living, but a cluttered closet can hurt you in the re-sale. Buyers touring your house WILL open closet doors, and 90% of them will not be able to envision spacious storage potential if your closets are crammed full of stuff.

  • Go ahead and pack away seasonal clothing, organize hanging items by size or color, and get things off the floor. This is especially important in master bedroom closets.
  • Take the time to go through your pantry as well, wiping down shelves, straightening labels and tossing out anything that won’t be used.

Tabletops and counters

 They should not be completely stripped (you don’t want it to look too sterile), but keep decor strategic and minimal.
  • Store all kitchen appliances under the cabinets (yes, even the coffee pot!).
  • Dish soap and sponges should go in a plastic bin under the sink.
  • Remove all personal hygiene products and appliances from bathroom counters.
  • Add a simple potted plant and a few books to a nightstand, a bowl of lemons to the kitchen counter, or a dish of pretty soaps near the bath sink for a homey, but uncluttered feel.



They can be especially tricky. When they’re overflowing or crammed too tightly (as many of them are), they give the impression that there’s a lack of space.
  • Pack up most of your books, leaving some stacked vertically and some horizontally with space between groupings for a more pleasing visual effect. A few knick-knacks are okay, as well, but don’t put an entire collection of tchotchkes on display.

Bottom line? Start packing NOW, before you put your home on the market, and don’t spend money moving the items you can trash, donate, or sell!

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