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The Jewish Realtor Wishes you a Shanah Tova!

I spent a decade cementing myself in the #1 spot for Google searches related to Jewish website design.  In fact, I’ve been intimately involved in the Jewish community since birth… but that’s a topic for a different search-engine-friendly blog post. One of the reasons I was very excited to earn my real estate credentials was because I was finally going to able to work in the for-profit, not-necessarily-Jewish world… Something that, at the age of 33, I have yet to do.  Seriously – my job history is Hebrew Union College -> New Community Jewish High School -> Jewish Federation of Los Angeles -> Freelance website design for mostly Synagogues and Jewish Orgs (with clients that include the Hebrew Union College and New Community Jewish High School). So, I passed the real estate exam and started Googling things like “Secrets of successful real estate agents,” and what’s the one suggestion that keeps popping up?

Choose a niche market and be the best there is in it.

Hmm… If I’ve properly set this up, I’m sure you see where I’m going. But let’s take the scenic route. Which niche to choose…? Are there a lot of challah bakers out there looking for an expert challah baker to show them homes? What about song leading? Maybe I can be the best at musically accompanying home showings?  That’s actually not such a bad idea.  Let’s hang onto that one for some sort of viral video. I’ve been collecting shot glasses since I was a kid… there’s no niche there. Just thought you’d like to know. I enjoy gardening, building things and general handyman-type projects.  I could market myself to people who like planting gardens and then watching them die when the weather hits 102-degrees for nine straight days! Or… I can simply focus on what I know best – serving the Jewish community.  So, it’s with a “here we go again” sort of optimism that I invite you to visit my new niche website (still a work in progress) – If you’re looking for a home near a synagogue or Jewish Community Center, or know someone who is, contact me!  I’m Ben Vorspan and I know the Jewish Community better than challah baking, song leading, shot glasses and gardening COMBINED!

And, of course, from my home to your new one, I wish you a sweet and healthy New Year!

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