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I’m NOT a salesman – I’m a Realtor. Here’s the difference:

used-car-salesmanTo many, the term “real estate agent” ranks right up there next to “used car salesman”.  They think the only reason we’re here is to make money by pushing our product on them (I suppose “meth dealer” would also fit that description, though it’s also possible I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad lately).

The truth is, I’m not a salesman.  I have no product to sell you.  My job is to guide you through the process of buying someone else’s product!   I’m YOUR representative. I work for YOU.

I’m the guy you bring with you to the used car lot, to protect you from the salesman.

Among other things, my duties as a buyers agent are to:

  • keep you from paying too much
  • point out all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy one particular home and why you should buy another
  • bring to your attention properties that you otherwise would have missed
  • make sure no one is taking advantage of you
  • prevent you from buying a money pit
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • oversee the escrow process, including title, lending, inspections, appraisals and retrofitting
  • put out fires (figuratively) so that you don’t need to sweat the small things
  • ensure that your buying process is as stress-free and successful as possible!

The beauty of our real estate system is that no matter how many homes we visit together, how many offers we put in, and how many escrows it takes to finally buy your new home, my services as a buyers agent cost you nothing!

If you trust me to do my job, you’ll quickly find that I’m too honest to be a good salesman.  But it is that integrity that makes me an excellent Realtor.

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