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Encino Pocket Listings

Encino Pocket ListingsLooking for Encino Pocket Listings?  I can help!  Before you get too excited, I don’t have them listed right here… that would be nearly impossible to keep accurate, but I do hear about a lot of pocket listings in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and surrounding areas (usually in the more affluent neighborhoods), and I’m happy to share them with you. 

“Fun” Pocket Listing Fact:
If you wanted me to list your home as a pocket listing, according to the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, I’d need to have you sign a special form that says that you do not want your home in the MLS.  If I didn’t submit this form, and just chose not to put your home in the Listings, I could be hit with a pretty hefty fine.

First, let’s do some learning.

What is a pocket listing?

In a nutshell, a listing that is not put in the multiple listing service (MLS) is a pocket listing.  There might be a standard listing agreement in place with a agent, or there might be a looser arrangement or agreement between the seller and their representative. 

What’s the advantage to a pocket listing?

There are several – both to the buyer and the seller. Mostly to the seller.

Pocket Listing Advantages – Seller

  • The guidelines for selling a home with an agent (mostly imposed by the Association of Realtors and the Government) can be pretty strict. One way to get around these guidelines and regulations is by not officially places your home on the market.  If you’re not technically listing your home, you have the right to be as secret or discriminatory as you’d like.  You also have better control over who sees your home, and can qualify every possible buyer.
  • Pocket listings tend to create a “buzz” about the property. There’s a certain exclusivity about knowing that a home is not on the market, which may encourage quicker and higher offers, since it’s possible that as soon as it’s officially on the market, a well-priced home will receive multiple offers.
  • When a listing is in the MLS for a long period of time, it can turn stale, and possibly receive lower offers (“Your home has been on the market for 75 days. It must be overpriced. Here’s a lowball offer that you should accept”).  With pocket listings, there’s no public record of how long the home has been for sale, so the ideas of stale listings and lowball offers tend not to exist.

Pocket Listing Advantages – Buyers

  • Very similar to the second bullet point above, a buyer can benefit from the knowledge of a pocket listing by being the first one in, not having to deal with the potential bidding war of a Listed property.

So, now we know what pocket listings are, and what the advantages are.  Next question:

How do you find Encino Pocket Listings?

Here’s the top secret answer: TALK TO ME!  I’m in the know. I get emails almost every day announcing a new pocket listing, and I have the ear of hundreds of agents throughout the LA area. At the click of a button I can ask all of them for information about pocket listings that match your criteria.  Without me, you’re going to have a very tough time scouting them out.

Let’s find you the right Encino pocket listing (or list your home in that top-secret, ultra-exclusive manner).  I can also track down pocket listings in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, or any Los Angeles neighborhood.

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