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What Encino Home Buyers want in an Encino Real Estate Agent

I happened upon this great infographic from the California Association of Realtors about the most desirable qualities in an Encino Real Estate Agent (or really any real estate agent).

It’s not shocking that the most desirable quality is that the Realtor found them the right home.  In fact, none of this is really all that shocking.  I’m not sure why they even bothered to publish this study.  Maybe because the subject line is grabby.  The real question is why I bothered to repost it… Though it’s probably for the same reason.


The great news is that I fit all of the above! I listen to your needs, work hard, answer the phone or respond to calls, emails and text messages almost instantly, and I’m a pretty savvy negotiator.  I hope you’ll contact me or give me a call at (310)926-2386 to discuss your needs and allow me to help you find the home of your dreams at the right price!

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