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Dear Mr. FSBO – Why Are You Paying Someone 3% to Negotiate Against You

homes-for-sale-by-owner-encinoDear Mr. FSBO

I understand that you are selling your home yourself to save money. You won’t have to pay 3% or 6 % if you sell your home yourself. 

You may save a portion of the commissions, but since over 90% of the For Sale By Owner homes are sold by Realtors, you may very well end up paying the buyer’s agent 3%.  Now, the buyer’s agent who is getting 3% from you has a buyer agency agreement with the buyer to represent the buyer. When the buyer agent represents their client, they owe them confidentiality, obedience, accountability, loyalty, diligence and disclosure.  The Realtor has a fiduciary duty to the client. They owe you, as the customer, honesty and fairness – but they do not owe you the highest sale price possible, the fewest requests, the smoothest transaction. 

Your home is one of your most important assets or – hands down, your most important asset.  Why are you paying someone 3% to negotiate against you when you are going into the negotiation unrepresented? Would you go to court over a $20,000 law suit without hiring a lawyer – particularly if the other party was represented by a lawyer? Yet, you think nothing of selling a home listed for $200,000 or $500,000 or even more – without a Realtor on your side to protect your interest?  A good Realtor can easily save a client $20,000 – and that $20,000 would be coming out of your pocket.  

If you’re thinking about selling your home, give me a call (310-926-2386) or send me a message through this website.  It’s likely that I can get you a higher price than you’d get yourself, and stick up for you throughout the negotiation!

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