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What your lightbulbs are telling buyers

lightbulbGetting ready to list your Encino home? Or maybe you’re a Realtor wondering why your listing isn’t selling? Check your light bulbs!

Burned out light bulbs can be serious business.

  • Dim rooms are harder to see and present poorly to prospective buyers
  • When a bulb is burned out, it makes the buyer wonder whether it’s just the bulb, or the entire fixure that needs replacing…
  • If they’re wondering whether the light fixure needs replacing… they’re wondering what else needs replacing…
  • If they’re wondering what else needs replacing, they’re questioning how many other parts of the home might have been neglected…
  • If they’re wondering how much work will need to be done on the house, they’re thinking one of two things — NOT INTERESTED or LOWBALL OFFER!

So, do yourself a favor – make sure all lights and lightbulbs work! The $1 investment you’re avoiding could be the dealbreaker!

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