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What’s the Best Investment You Can Make When Selling Your Home?

sell your home faster by prepackingI didn’t come up with this idea to sell your Encino home faster, but I think it’s a great on.  Avoid listing your home prematurely, which can lead to and extended stay on the market, and ultimate price reduction.

One of the best investments you can make if you want to sell your home, is an investment of time….time prepacking.  

Packing can’t be avoided… you’re selling a house, not the contents.

Pack before listing, and you not only get the job done, you also increase the visual appeal of the house!


  • CLOSETS  Prepack off-season clothing, shoes, and accessories and make your closets appear larger.
  • KITCHEN  Prepack all dishes and glassware that’s not used daily and make cabinets appear more spacious.
  • COLLECTIONS   Prepack so buyers are looking at positive features of the house, not your memorabilia. 
  • PHOTOGRAPHS  Prepack evidence of who actually lives there so buyers can picture the home as theirs.
  • VALUABLES  Don’t risk having something of value get damaged or stolen.  


Pack it up and get it out so potential buyers can see the features of your home and visualize their new life there.

Pack it up and get it out so you will have less to do in the final weeks before moving day.

Pack it up and get rid of it so you can start fresh in your new home!  

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