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5 ways to update your bathroom for under $100, whether you’re selling or not

bathroomHaving purchased a Van Nuys fixer home a couple of years ago, which needed 3 new bathrooms (among many other things), and having done one of the bathroom renovations completely on my own, I can attest to the ridiculous amount of time and money it can take to spruce up the disproportionately-small piece of real estate that is your bathroom.

Fortunately, I can also vouch for several of these tips, having DIY-painted the walls and the cabinets, updated the hardware, and purchased new linens and assorted nicknacks and trinkets to properly “theme” the space.

Enjoy these nuggets of useful, wallet-friendly information, taken directly from this article.  Each of these ideas will put you well on your way to an awesome bathroom, for under $100, and are great for those getting ready to list their home, or those looking to buy one with dated or unappealing lavatories.

Put on a stylish new coat – $35-$55

Of paint, that is. Updating the paint on the walls is one of the least expensive ways to update your bathroom and give it a completely new look. Look to the sea and sky for inspiration and try a soothing tone of green, gray, or blue for a spa-like retreat.

  • Hint: When choosing new tile, counters or cabinets as part of larger remodels, try to go for neutrals colors, paired with white fixtures. That way, a new coat of paint on the walls is all it takes to update the entire room (Rather than locking yourself into a trendy colored tile, for example, that may quickly go out of style)

Change out the linens $60-$100

Get some new towels and floor mats to kick a monochromatic room up a notch or to modify your current color scheme.

  • Hint: When it comes to color, “matching” is not your only option! Just enlist the help of the color wheel (explained by HGTV here). Choosing color combinations that are pleasing to the eye is easier and more scientific than you might think. Using the wheel, try a complimentary color (a color directly opposite your main color on the wheel, like Aqua and Tangerine). Or try a few analogous colors (colors closest to yours on the wheel, like pairing sage green with yellow and lime. Or take a look at the site and get inspiration from an image you love. 

Update your hardware $40-$95

Updating your cabinet hardware (knobs and pulls) can go a long way towards improving the overall style of your bathroom.

  • Hint: Keep in mind that whatever you have currently on your doors and drawers has either one or two screws holding it in place at a specific distance apart. Knobs can be pretty easy to switch out and can even be updated to pulls on doors (but not drawers), but if you currently have pulls, you’ll want to try to choose new ones of the same size as your old ones, otherwise you will have to use wood putty to fill the old holes and do a bit more work to get everything looking perfect again.

Paint your cabinets $65-$100

Replacing your vanity cabinets can be very expensive, but if you are willing to put in the time and elbow grease, you can paint your dated wood cabinetry instead. Your hard work will reap big rewards when you are able to completely transform your bathroom with a simple can of paint.

  • Hint: Properly prepping your wood for paint takes patience and attention to detail. Talk to an expert at your local paint store to learn the necessary steps ahead of time and follow them carefully.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize $50-$100

Just as playing with the accent colors of your towels or rugs did wonders for your bathroom, adding accessories in your complimentary color (or another “pop color” from the color wheel!) can create a layered design that brings sophistication to your space.

  • Hint: Add your pops of color with inexpensive items like artificial flowers or decor items from your local bargain store. Change them out as often as you like to create a new color palette seasonally – or whenever you need a change.

Bonus Tip!  $35-$100

Why not improve function as well as form? While paint and accessories can help to boost your bathroom’s overall visual appeal, improving its function for you and your family just might be the best improvement of all. Try baskets in drawers and other organization aids to streamline efficiency. Consider installing sliding racks under sinks or in cabinets to help take complete advantage of every inch your bathroom has to offer.

  • Hint: Start your reorganization process by de-cluttering. Go through all your cabinets and drawers and toss old items and things you don’t need or use. Before putting anything back, think about how to efficiently use each space to keep like items together and most used items “up front” and easily accessible for busy mornings. 

– Again – unlike most of the content on my site,  these tips weren’t written by me. See more at

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