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10 signs it’s time to move… and your first steps once you realize it

First off, the mere fact that you’re reading this means that you were already considering moving (perhaps buying a home… perhaps a rental).  Nevertheless, let’s really drive the point home with these 10 signs that it’s time to move. If 2 or more apply to you – contact me!

  1. You can’t stand your neighbors, the never-ending construction, or noise from surrounding businesses.
  2. You thought it was “cozy” when you moved there. Now you realize it’s just way too small.
  3. You don’t have a/c, and last summer you told yourself  “There’s no way I’m staying here another summer.”
  4. You’re really into Pinterest, but you can’t do any of the coolest things where you currently live.
  5. Your priorities have changed. 
    Bonus examples:
    1. You now have kids and need another bedroom
    2. You want more outdoor space
    3. The kids are grown and you’re ready to downsize
    4. You realized you like to cook and electric stoves suck.
  6. You can’t figure out where the fruit flies are coming from or how to get rid of them.
  7. You realized you’re the youngest person in building/neighborhood.
  8. The novelty of hosting friends and family with no real dining table has worn off.
  9. You read all nine of these, and plan to continue reading.
  10. You’ve been saving up for years, reading lots of articles, watching your friends buy their first homes, and have been waiting for exactly this article to give you that nudge you needed!

So, now what?

That’s easy – contact me.  I can answer your questions, get you headed in the right direction, and help you all the way through the buying process.  I can even help in many situations where you want to rent a home or condo.

Want to go the even-more passive route? Click here to visit the website I’ve set up for first time home buyers.  Read through the crash course and some of the other materials to gather a broad understanding of the buying process… Then contact me.

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